Jivestreams is the current iteration of an on-going creative project imagined and developed by an American called John at Emo Dojo.

The podcast version of Jivestreams reviews podcasts and longer form media.

The @JIVE channel on YouTube has reaction videos, shorts, etc.

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Emo Dojo is the ultimate place for anyone looking to improve their emotional well-being — a studio to work out emotions, feelings, and moods.

Join us as we share personal stories and strategies for coping with everyday challenges. From managing stress to building resilience, Emo Dojo is here to help you lead a happier and more balanced life.

Tune in today and start feeling better — Make “Mental” Mainstream!

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Currently, we review streaming content with a casual vibe.

Our weekly updates will help you find better shows faster, and avoid the bad ones.

Jive | Jivestreams is produced by Emo Dojo ❤️

Previously called Bipolar Style, Art of Emotions, Signal Jams, and others — Since 2016.